Getting visible

So far, our sample application is ready to serve requests. The missing link is the user interface.

JSP pages

Currently, Calyxo supports JSP 2.0 as a view technology. So, in this section, we'll create the necessary JSP pages.

Instead of 50.000 custom JSP tags, Calyxo provides so-called accessors, a hierarchy of Java objects, which can be used in JSTL EL expressions from within your JSP pages to access Calyxo-related information.

JSP syntax
You may already have noticed, that there are two alternative JSP syntaxes: the traditional, non-XML syntax, and the newer, XML-based syntax. Throughout this tutorial, we'll use the XML-based syntax. Just in case you wonder about that: it is up to you, which syntax you use in your applications.


The second issue we have to deal with is i18n. At least, we have to provide message resources. Optionally, we can externalize all localized content from our pages.