Calyxo installation instructions

System requirements

Calyxo requires

  • a Java runtime environment, version 1.4.2 or later. We recommend to get a recent J2SE from Sun.
  • a servlet container supporting Servlet API 2.4 and JSP API 2.0. Tomcat 5 supports these and may be a good choice for development. However, since J2EE 1.4 covers all the above, you can run Calyxo applications in any J2EE 1.4-compliant application server.

Now, if you installed all the prerequisites, you should download Calyxo.

Installing the binary distribution

The binary distribution contains all you need to develop and run applications based on Calyxo. Unpack the archive to some location of your choice and - you're done.

Eclipse users
If you're using Eclipse, you may be interested in our suggestions on how to setup Eclipse to develop Calyxo applications.

The Calyxo binary distribution directory tree should look similar to this:


As you can see, there's one subdirectory per Calyxo component. Some of these components contain sample web applications.

Building the Demo Application

The calyxo-demo subdirectory contains the Calyxo demo. To build it, simply run ant in the Calyxo binary distribution directory.

That's it! You can find the calyxo-demo-0.9.0.war file in the calyxo-demo subdirectory. The deployment process of web applications depends on the application server you use.

Tomcat 5 users
Simply copy the calyxo-demo-0.9.0.war file to the webapps directory below your tomcat home directory.

Building Calyxo from source

If you want to build Calyxo from source, you should have downloaded and unpacked the Calyxo source distribution.

The source distribution does not contain any third party libraries required by Calyxo. You will have to get them separately to be able to build Calyxo.
  • Change to the Calyxo source distribution directory.
  • Copy to and edit it according to your system environment.
  • Some of the various component subdirectories may also contain files. If so, process these as described above.
  • In the Calyxo source distribution directory, run ant.