Calyxo Eclipse Plugins

The following Calyxo Eclipse plugins are available:

The following instructions describe how to install the plugins via Eclipse update manager:

  1. Go to Help → Software Updates → Find and Install...
  2. Select Search for new features to install. Click Next.
  3. Click New Remote Site. Enter Odysseus Update Site as name and as URL. Click OK.
  4. You should now see a new entry Odysseus Update Site with a mark next to it. Check it and press Finish.
  5. Expand Odysseus Update Site → Calyxo MVC Web Application Framework. Check Calyxo IDE 0.9.0 and click Next.
  6. Read the license agreement. Select I accept... and click Next.
  7. Click Finish to start the installation. Click Install on the warning dialogs during feature verification.

After restarting Eclipse you can verify that the new feature is available by going to Help → About Eclipse SDK and clicking on the Calyxo logo.