Download Calyxo

You can choose between a source distribution or binary distribution. We strongly recommend that you start with the binary distribution, since it contains all the libraries you need to start right away.

Source code
Even if you want the Calyxo sources, you can choose the binary distribution. It contains the full source code as zip archives.

Current Release

You can download the current Calyxo release via the Calyxo Files page at Sourceforge.

PDF Manual

The complete Calyxo manual is availabe in PDF format as a separate download via the Calyxo Files page at Sourceforge. As an alternative, you may access the latest version here (~1M).

Eclipse Plugins

The Calyxo Eclipse are not part of the Calyxo core. They are separately available at Calyxo's Eclipse Update Site and can be installed using the Eclipse update manager. Refer to the Eclipse Setup HOWTO for further information.