The Calyxo Forms component allows the definition of forms, along with all their validation steps and lets you map inputs to properties of a data bean. Complex validations, dependencies between inputs and mapping an input to a set of properties are supported.


Calyxo Forms offers you a large amount of flexibility for its main task: input validation.

It comes packed with lots of so called validators, which handle all aspects of single field validation, for example regular expression matching or conversion into date values. You may also define your own validators, if you have special requirements.

Furthermore it lets you define validation rules for two or more input fields of the same form, they are called assertions. Here you can use a set of standard operators and functions to express your validation conditions. And again, if you like to, you can define your own set of functions to be used in your assertions.


Calyxo was designed with reusability aspects in mind. As far as validation is concerned, this means, that you will define your validators, functions or messages at one place and will use them where ever you like to.


You may use Calyxo Forms with Calyxo Control or with Struts. The information provided on the following pages apply to either environment.

Recommended Reading

If you are new to the Calyxo Forms component and like to get an idea what it's all about, you might look into the Concepts section. When you are starting to work with Calyxo Forms, the Reference section will hopefully provide you with all required details. Finally you may want to write your own extensions, making Calyxo Forms even more powerful, in this case you should find the desired information in the Extension Points section.