The elements described in the following sections are defined within namespace

Standalone Calyxo Base configuration files can be included by other configuration files of any Calyxo component. If the XML parser doesn't support XML Schema, DTD validation has to be used by declaring the Calyxo Base document type as in:

<!DOCTYPE calyxo-base-config
  PUBLIC "-//Odysseus Software GmbH//DTD Calyxo Base 0.9//EN"

To reuse Calyxo Base configuration elements in another component, say foo, this namespace should be bound to prefix base in the root element of the configuration file, as in

<calyxo-foo-config version="0.9"
DTD Limitation
When using DTD validation, the chosen prefix must be base. Otherwise, an arbitrary prefix is allowed. However, we recommend to use prefix base to keep compatibility.

Dynamic attributes (attributes, whose value may contain EL expressions) are evaluated in a context, that provides several implicit objects. These implicit objects are always available under the following names:

  1. moduleContext resolves to the module context instance
  2. moduleScope resolves to a map serving module scope attributes
  3. applicationScope resolves to a map serving application scope attributes

Other identifiers are resolved to variables and attributes. That is, they are searched as local variable, then as module scope attribute, then as application scope attribute.

Throughout this reference, required attributes appear strong. Dynamic attributes appear emphasized.


calyxo-base-config Root element of a standalone Calyxo Base configuration file.
import Import another configuration file.
functions Register a class defining static methods to be used as EL functions.
set Define and store a variable.
use Use an object to invoke methods and set properties.
property Set a Java Bean property (or put an association into a java.util.Map).
object Create and initialize a new object.
member Access a method or field member.
field Get a field value.
method Invoke a method.
arg Specify a method argument.